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Angela Chirila (It's prounounced Kirila)

​My name is Angela, an artist and author originally from Moldova, now based in Denver, Colorado. My journey led me from Holland to the United States, where I've called home for the past nine years.Ten years ago, I delved into the world of painting, entirely self-taught. Starting with small portraits, I've since explored the acrylic and oil painting, finding profound inspiration in the works of Monet and Van Gogh.My art often depicts the enchanting fusion of women and nature, both embodiments of beauty and life-giving forces.For me, painting is not just a passion but a necessity; I cannot imagine a day without it. My aspiration is for my art to whisk people away, allowing them to dream and briefly escape reality.To me, art is invaluable. When one invests in a piece of art, they're not just purchasing a tangible item; they're acquiring a fragment of someone's essence.

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